Steven Doyle, born and raised in Dublin, discovered his passion for photography at the age of 14 when he chose his first camera. In many ways, it’s more accurate to say that the camera chose him. He uses its lens as a third eye to uncover the essential essence of his subjects, capturing their intrinsic beauty while always respecting their truth. Steven’s work focuses on people, meticulously capturing the nuances of their facial expressions.

Steven has lived in London, Milan, Rome, and Eastern Europe, where he honed various portraiture and documentary photography styles. He emphasizes, “The photographer brings his own style and passion to his work. Combined with devoted and compassionate attention to his subject, these elements produce results that can be nothing short of revelations.” His approach is to portray people in a way that allows them to see themselves at their best, concentrating on facial expressions to reveal inherent sensuality and sensitivity.

Primarily a portrait and documentary photographer, Steven has exhibited his work in Dublin and Bucharest. His extensive portfolio includes portraits and gritty documentary projects, notably documenting social issues involving at-risk children in Bucharest. He has photographed cultural icons such as Grace Jones, Erica Gimpel, Suzanne Vega, and Mary Coughlan.

Recently, Steven has produced photographic documentaries on the lives of immigrants seeking better opportunities in Ireland. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he created portraits of frontline medical and nursing staff from the medical charity SafetyNet Primary Care. He is also working on an ongoing documentary about people living with HIV.

Steven’s dedication to capturing the human experience through his lens continues to inspire and educate, making significant contributions to both the art of photography and social awareness.