Alex Schneider, a Ph.D. chemist living with HIV for eleven years, has dedicated the last nine years to HIV advocacy. His journey began with sharing scientific updates about HIV on Twitter, leading to the creation of the global non-profit organisation Life4me+. In 2016, he developed an app for HIV-positive individuals, gaining support from various organisations and amassing over 15,000 users. Alex is a prominent member of the European AIDS Treatment Group and leads impactful campaigns, such as the “U=U” (Undetectable equals Untransmittable) campaign targeted at Russian-speaking populations, along with “NoHIVstigma” and “RespectMyHIV”. Recently, at the 19th European AIDS Conference in Warsaw he launched his latest campaign “Living Free with HIV”.

Despite his remarkable contributions, Alex has encountered HIV stigma firsthand. He recalls incidents with healthcare professionals who treated him differently, such as a nurse wearing double gloves while serving him food. Additionally, eight years later, a doctor questioned his treatment and asked for proof of his undetectable status to ensure her team’s safety.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian/Ukrainian war, Alex provided vital assistance to HIV-positive individuals stranded abroad, ensuring uninterrupted access to their necessary therapy.