Mario, originally from Sicily, grew up in New Jersey before returning to Sicily at the age of 19. Since 1985, he has been living with HIV/HCV/HBV. Despite facing these health challenges, Mario has maintained a strong commitment to social issues. His involvement includes coordinating projects with high-risk groups, particularly injecting drug users.

As an HIV activist and proud member of NPS Italia, Mario dedicates himself to promoting testing, providing education on prevention, and disseminating information about available treatments for HIV/HCV/HBV, particularly among incarcerated individuals. Since 2012, he has served as the founder and co-chair of NPS Sicilia, where he oversees training activities and educational initiatives in Italian schools, aiming to empower young people with knowledge.

In addition to his local efforts, Mario is a member of the European AIDS Treatment Group, contributing to the Policy Working Group and leading the program on Quality of Life for People Living with HIV (PLWHIV). His extensive experience spans over 40 years, showcasing not only resilience but also a passionate commitment to advocacy and education.

Mario resides in Palermo with his wife and children, demonstrating that despite the challenges he faces, he continues to lead a fulfilling life and contribute significantly to the well-being of others.