Emma has been living with HIV since 1991 and has chosen to speak publicly about living with HIV for the last 30 years.
When first diagnosed, she was given eight to ten years to live. When she reached that ten-year mark, every day onwards would be a bonus.
Emma has undertaken over 2,000 public speaking engagements to various audiences, including schools, health service providers, the police, social services, church groups and further education colleges.
Emma launched her ‘Positive Voice’ Education and Awareness talks to schools in 2002 and now speaks annually at over 100 schools across the UK and Europe.
Emma lives in London and feels incredibly blessed to grow old with HIV. It is a position she never expected to be in. She enjoys each day as extra time and endeavours to get as much as she can out of it every day. She intends to grow old gracefully and with gratitude.