This is Michael, and you can delve deeper into his narrative by visiting his blog @hivblogger. During our engaging two-hour conversation, Michael shared his journey with HIV, from its onset to the present day. Throughout our discussion, he opened up about instances of discrimination he encountered within the Irish Health Service, incidents that left me, as a healthcare professional, profoundly disappointed and shocked.

Michael, with his characteristic spirit, described himself as someone inclined to argue and guide those astray back to the right path. He expressed uncertainty about the legal route as the optimal means of resolving differences. Despite the challenges he faced, Michael’s commitment to navigating these issues in a thoughtful and constructive manner was evident.

I extend my gratitude to Michael for generously sharing his story, contributing significantly to this essential project aimed at dismantling HIV stigma. His courage in shedding light on discriminatory experiences within the healthcare system underscores the importance of fostering understanding and advocating for positive change in the realm of HIV awareness and support.