I met Jordi at an ACTUP Dublin webinar in late 2019 and asked him if he would like to participate in my project. He agreed to do so. When I met him in person, Jordi explained that in 2017, when he was 18, he found out he was HIV positive. The doctor gave him his diagnosis over the phone. She had minimal knowledge of the condition and told him he had just one year to live. Jordi was left shocked.

He then went for a second opinion and was re-tested. Again, he was found to be HIV positive. However, he was given a more positive outlook and was commenced on ARV’S (highly active antiretroviral drugs), which reduced his HIV viral load to an undetectable level. Since then, his HIV viral load has remained very low.
Jordi has not allowed HIV to stop him from living his life to the full. He participated in this project to share his story and to help prevent fear for anyone living with HIV.
Jordi Moya lives and works in Dublin and is originally from Catalunya.