Arda Karapinar, also known as Minas Panosian, is a distinguished global advocate for HIV treatment, a prolific writer, and the visionary founder of Red Ribbon Istanbul, Türkiye leading organisation dedicated to addressing HIV-related issues. His impactful presence extends to international forums and media, where he passionately represents the Turkish HIV Community, making substantial contributions to the discourse through

With a remarkable 15-year commitment to activism, Arda operates globally, fostering open and informed discussions on HIV to dismantle prevailing taboos. Notable milestones in his journey include delivering a compelling speech at the European Parliament in 2019 and playing a pivotal role in the scientific committee of the prestigious HIV Glasgow event in 2022.

Arda dedicates his time and expertise as a volunteer chairperson at Red Ribbon Istanbul, steering the organisation’s mission with dedication. Furthermore, he holds a significant role as a member of the Prevention Access Campaign U=U Global Community Board, based in the dynamic setting of New York. Through these multifaceted efforts, Arda continues to make a profound impact in advancing the cause of HIV awareness and treatment on both national and global fronts.