Meet Grzesiek, a resident of Warsaw with a background in Neuroscience, culminating in a PhD. He is a strategic marketing executive specialising in interventional Cardiology devices for Atrial Fibrillation.

In 2018, Grzesiek, experiencing abnormal fatigue, underwent an HIV test, resulting in a positive diagnosis. A month later, he received the additional news of bone sarcoma. Undeterred by these challenges, Grzesiek now coordinates the BUDDY POLSKA program, providing peer support for individuals living with HIV. He is also an activist and a proud member of the European AIDS Treat Group, holding roles in Partners of Science and The Development and Membership Advisory Group (DMAG).

In recognition of his impactful work, Grzesiek received a Red Ribbon from the Polish Ministry of Health today. Despite his health challenges, he maintains a robust and healthy lifestyle, managing his condition with a single daily pill, which effectively keeps his HIV at an undetectable level.